by Gene Israel



released March 20, 2013

All songs written and performed by Gene Israel
except all percussion, performed by Mark Kephart
Recorded and produced by Mark Kephart



all rights reserved


Gene Israel Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Esoteric
Baby you know that I'll get a rise
from all the anger up in your eyes
and I'm gonna tell you some pretty lies
I'm gonna get down on those earthly thighs
I think we're a little asymmetric
riding the tide on this electric
Everything's gettin just a little hectic
now I think it's time to infect it

I can be so esoteric x4

HOW! Do ya like me now? I said... x3

Baby I'm gonna violate
every part of you as I predicate
And on this crime I will relate
the cosmic outcome of your fate
I'm gonna get you to let me inside
and you'll swell a little bit with all my pride
Later we can go out for a ride
on a sleigh to hell called suicide

I can be so esoteric x4

HOW! Do ya like me now? I said... x3

Baby do ya know who I am
and how I'm gonna kill that sacred lamb
Bring everything down with a god damn
a hallelujah and a good plan

I can be so esoteric x4

HOW! Do ya like me now? I said... x3
Track Name: I Am Your Adam
I Am Your Adam

Baby I wanna call this a sin
and I want you to let, let me in
I know that I'm not the one
but if you want we can have fun
Let's fall in love like it's a bad thing
I don't care about if it will sting
'Cuz I am the bee and you are the honey
I am the bee and you are the honey!
you are, you are the honey x3, now.

If you want my screams, well you can have 'em
baby you know I am your Adam
You want me to moan, just let me at 'em
baby you know I am your Adam
If you want love well I think I have some
baby you know I am your Adam
Baby you know I am your Adam
baby you know...

I am the gardener, you are the Eden
just let me be your little heathen
I am the river, you are the water
If hell were here, well you'd make it hotter
Please don't fret whether I'm sincere
my name on your lips is all that I should hear
'Cuz you are the song, and I'm just the title
I am a pagan and you are my idol
You are, you are my idol x3, now.


To hell with Eve and all of her problems
I don't know how I can solve 'em
My attention has been a-swaying
'cuz I'm in your sights and you've caught me praying
You've got me now, ready and willing
and I've got you and you are my Lilith
Sex, love, sin, you are a trinity
a female demon I call divinity
you are, you are divinity x3, now.

*chorus* x2
Track Name: Glossaline
I stand right now in front of hell
the road was rocky but it's just as well
The world outside is all concrete
figure 8 highways now obsolete
and interstates hung in the air
a grave mistake but could we care?
the world is a map of lines and dots
a midnight drive of lonely thoughts
and I'm alone in my truck
driving this freight full of out-of-luck

a chorus of angels are screaming hallelujah
an orchestra of devils are stringing hallelujah
i will shout it out now, hallelujah x2

All the apostles on Diamond street
are shining the shoes on their holy feet
That was life in the synagogue
a platform for the demagogue
even the honest are not so bold
to suggest hellfire for the cold
the brimstone rains come and go
when we've been saved will we even know?
and out of the clouds we all fell
but it's so nice down here in hell

a chorus of angels are screaming hallelujah
an orchestra of devils are stringing hallelujah
i will shout it out now hallelujah x2
this is good this is under me x2

when I start losin faith I can blame it on the angels
and this is what will make sense when I believe in nothing
and I sure hope that God's not dead
cuz all this air will go to my head
and while we're sitting down here we can have a conversation
in the time that it takes to give me an explanation
and then you told me that will is still free
but I have a hard time believing what I see

i saw all that lava from your eyes come streaming
and the echo of my consicence said I must be dreaming
and then you started speaking in tongues
while all of this sulfur started filling my lungs.
even though we gotta go down on our own time
I can find it in me to consider this a crime
but I will not submit to fate
this lack of faith that I cannot escape